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NODE invites to an exchange on the topic of hybrid publishing

The merging of the analog and digital worlds is becoming stronger and at the same time less and less visible. Books link to websites, articles cite books, exhibitions take place between galleries and the web. How do digital media influence publishing? Is there such a thing as a finished product in the digital age? How can we push boundaries and experiment at the interfaces between analog and digital?

A conversation with Jeanne Charlotte Vogt and Alexander Roidl.

© NODE & Hochschule Mainz

Interview | Conversation


Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

HA Hessen-Agentur GmbH - Wirtschaftsforschung und Landesentwicklung -
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© privat

Jeanne Charlotte Vogt

Curator, dramaturge and cultural producer, NODE

© privat

Alexander Roidl

Designer, artist and media researcher, Hochschule Mainz