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A reading and a workshop together with the author Signe Viška

\"Kate, the girl who wanted to become a grandfather\" writtten by Signe Viška, illustrated by Elīna Brasliņa.

Ever wondered why Kate aspires to step into the shoes of a grandfather? Prepare to be charmed as Kate embarks on a heartwarming adventure, adopting her grandpa's endearing traits and quirks. Watch as Kate playfully inherits her grandfather's treasures: hands perfectly suited for accordion melodies, jacket pockets brimming with matches and lemon candies. After the reading, children are invited to partake in an exciting workshop titled \"Grandpa in the Matchbox.\" Unleash your creativity through painting and crafts, culminating in a special matchbox adorned with tiny portraits and cherished drawings of your favorite person. This thoughtful keepsake is yours to share with a loved one.

Cover Kati will Großvater werden

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