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Klaus-Peter Wolf is giving autographs

He is a man of principle. And he does not shy away from murder. She is a woman with background. And extremely quick-witted. Together they don't just play golf!

A thirteen-year-old student is dead. Died of a heroin overdose. The one responsible has just been acquitted. For lack of evidence. And because many witnesses could not remember. Because the police made mistakes. So the one they also call the Dutchman could leave the courthouse a free man. I won't let him get away with that, thinks Dr. Bernhard Sommerfeldt. I will have to pay him a visit. And his future wife suspects that the tranquil life in East Frisia is not going to last long.

The new dream team in suspense - they are a murderous couple and have made a big promise to each other!

© Wolfgang Weßling

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© Wolfgang Weßling

Klaus-Peter Wolf