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Book talk and converstaion with the author Veronica Raimo. Moderator: Anna Vollmer

Veronica Raimo explains the challenges of growing up in a perfectly normal/abnormal family. With her compelling humor, she paints a confusing yet truthful portrait of a young woman of the 21st century who lives with a helicopter mother, a father full of obsessions, and an emotionally draining brother — a precocious genius at the center of the family’s attention. Surrounded by this circle of imperfect family members, an original and unique female voice narrates the deceptions linked to having to reinvent herself.

Veronica Raimo (Rome, 1978) is the author of several novels and a screenwriter. Her novel Niente di vero (Lost on Me) was awarded the Premio Strega Giovani 2022. Veronica Raimo translated from English authors like Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Octavia E. Butler, and Ray Bradbury. She writes articles on cultural journalism for several newspapers.

Anna Vollmer studied history, Italian and English studies in Heidelberg and Rome. She works as a journalist for several newspapers, like the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

With simultaneous interpretation.



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Veronica Raimo


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