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Book talk and conversation with the author Ilaria Tuti. Moderator: Tilman Spreckelsen

A painting glows bright red. It was mysteriously found in a small gallery in northern Italy. The disturbing work of art is horrifying because it was painted using human blood. The investigation leads Teresa, a police commissioner specializing in profiling, to the remote Val Resia, where a horrendous crime was allegedly committed decades earlier. When the discovery of a human heart shakes even this otherwise quiet valley, Teresa realizes that the past is far from buried. For the first time, while following the trail of a cruel murderer, Teresa risks not being able to save anyone, not even herself.
Ilaria Tuti’s childhood dream was to become a photographer, but she ended up studying economics. She loves hiking. She works as an illustrator for a small Italian publishing house. Her dream of becoming a writer becomes reality with Fiori sopra l'inferno (Flowers over the Inferno), her spectacular debut thriller set in north-eastern Italy, where Ilaria Tuti grew up. The author currently lives in Friuli, Italy.

Tilman Spreckelsen writes for the literary section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. He is also a writer, whose novel Das Nordseegrab (The North Sea Grave) was awarded the Theodor-Sturm Prize 2014.

With simultaneous interpretation.



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Ilaria Tuti


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Tilman Spreckelsen