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Between Iran and Israel

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In this special event, we will be celebrating Rita’s new book, Rain Dripping Chador. Rita is the leading Israeli singer in the last decade, a virtuoso whose familiar, stunningly rich voice echoes in every household – and indeed, in every heart - in the country. In recent years Rita’s work is deeply inspired by her Iranian roots. Rita’s creative work with traditional Iranian sources has evoked a very powerful response among her listeners and gained a wide international echo.

Rita’s debut novel captures the story of a family in a permanent state of wandering. The roads stretching from Teheran and Israel in the 70’s are long, and the traces along the way tell the stories of secret dreams and fragile hopes; they capture the wounds of immigration and the solace of friendship; and finally, they shine with the mysterious redeeming power of art. 

Rita will be performing some of her well-loved songs and talking with Dr. Oded Wolkstein, one of Israel's leading editors and literary scholar, about the transition between countries, languages and modes of creativity and about the fruitful dialogue between her Iranian origins and Israeli existence.

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