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A debate between the Slovenian philosopher and sociologist, Prof. Dr. Renata Salecl, and the legal theorist, former justice of the German Supreme Court, Prof. Dr. Susanne Baer.

In today's times, it is difficult to agree on what is true and what the facts are. While some choose to close their eyes and ears to disturbing information, others take pleasure in spreading fake news and conspiracy theories. However, some individuals might not even truly believe in what they share online – what brings them immense pleasure is provoking angry responses from their opponents. How can we comprehend the oscillation between ignorance, apathy, and rage that we observe in the public sphere? How can the law respond to these passions? How do we address the various shades of ignorance in society and in our private lives? Furthermore, what insights does psychoanalysis offer on the malaise of our times?

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