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The power of metadata presented by specialists from Nielsen BookData and MVB, who worked together to show the fundamental rule of metadata in the book market.

There is a strong relationship between standardizes metadata and book sales; and that will be explained by MVB and Nielsen BookData specialists, that worked together to prepare the report Paving the way: The benefits of standardized metadata and its impact on book sales.

Metadata have a more and more important rule in all areas, and that is the same in the book market. Countries with a more mature book market, like German and UK, MVB and Nielsen BookData have already reported the way for metadata and sales.

Now, for the first time, these companies bring together their analysis and results from Brazil and Mexico into a report that will be presented at the Frankfurter Buchmesse by Ronald Schild, CEO of MVB, Luiz Gaspar, Research Director at Nielsen BookData, Mariana Bueno, researcher and economist at Nielsen BookData and Ricardo Costa, MVB Brasil CEO. Check the release of this new report!

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Ronald Schild

Geschäftsführer, MVB GmbH

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Mariana Bueno

economist, Nielsen BookData

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Luiz Gaspar

market research expert, Nielsen BookData

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Ricardo Costa

CEO, MVB Brasil Ltda.

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