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In conversation with her publisher Christian Ruzicska, Stephanie Bart presents her new novel "Erzählung zur Sache", which has been widely reviewed and praised by the press.

\"For life, against death.\"

Stephanie Bart follows the trail of resistance in her novels. In her novel \"Narrative to the Cause\" she also devotes herself to the contradiction between dominant social forces and their antipodes, here: Gudrun Ensslin. 

We immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1972 and follow from Gudrun Ensslin's subjective what it means when a young person with an intact conscience decides not to accept the fascist continuity of the Federal Republic.  

With her language, the force of which we know from Peter Weiss' \"Aesthetics of Resistance\", the author makes the figure of Gudrun Ensslin come alive before our inner eye in a drumming, singing, rhythmic composition of historical documentary material and key quotations from left-wing theory: from the colourful, non-violent protests in the Apo to the Baader liberation (founding of the RAF) and the 5 ½ years of her imprisonment until her death in Stammheim prison on 18 October 1977.

In the mirror of this character, Stephanie Bart ties in with a social perspective that, not only since Heine, Büchner, Benjamin or Brecht, has aimed at the good life for all, which, according to Schiller, man is only capable of living where he plays. 

In a playful way, Stephanie Bart unleashes a way of thinking in which the concept of the dignity of life, which has been constantly strived for but never realised, could finally learn to walk: towards a future in which no one is left behind and the ecosystem is maintained, because it is 12:05!

The event will be held in German.

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