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Ways and means of preparing young people to promote the culture of tolerance and coexistence. - Youth and promoting a culture of tolerance and coexistence in society... their role and working mechanisms -The culture of tolerance, coexistence, and nation-b

The culture of tolerance and coexistence constitutes a major tool for achieving peace, security and stability within society. Belief in this culture is directly reflected in the acceptance of others and harmonious coexistence with them. This tendency enhances social cohesion and helps build a strong social fabric capable of addressing emerging challenges. Hence, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, considered tolerance and coexistence as an essential tool for building a strong nation that looks for a better future.

Young people have a great responsibility to promote the culture of tolerance and coexistence within society. Their contribution would revitalize society and help it achieve unity and cohesion among various segments. In addition to enhancing confidence in oneself and in the country. This sense of belonging and pride in the homeland develop loyalty to the country and its leadership. This emotional attachment supports the national efforts to achieve progress and prosperity. 

Young people should be encouraged to promote the culture of tolerance and coexistence in societies. They need the relevant knowledge and educational resources to innovate in this field. They should be guided to engage with society to absorb the values of giving, achievement, commitment and responsibility. They should also be motivated to engage in volunteer and social service programs.

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