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Anika Landsteiner and Kristina Pfister read from their latest novels.

Anika Landsteiner \"Nachts erzähle ich Dir alles\" (\"At night I tell you everything\".)

Léa flees from her life. She swaps the German summer for the South of France and goes to the old family estate on the Côte d'Azur. But her plan to find peace there does not work out: On the evening of her arrival, she has a conversation with a young woman who dies the same night - and Léa is the last person to see her. Suddenly Émile, the young woman's brother, is at Léa's door. He is tormented by many questions because he has learned that his sister was pregnant. Night after night, they tell each other about their families, which have long since ceased to be healed; they argue tooth and nail about guilt, fear and silence. While Léa tries to find her way back into life, Émile does everything he can to find out what led to his sister's death. How can one say goodbye to the past without forgetting?

Kristina Pfister \" Tage im warmen Licht\" (\"Days in warm light\")

Together with her teenage daughter, Maria ventures a new start - in her old home, in her late grandmother's house, but \"only temporarily, really ...\"

If she was on her own in the big city, in the village she finds not only creaking half-timbered idylls and a peaceful landscape under fallen leaves, but also a seemingly timeless community. But what pain, what experiences have welded the women here together?

Maria wants to hold on to the last rays of sunshine, wants to take a leaf out of her old neighbour's book, to be strong for her daughter and make her needs heard. But to do so, the Maria of yesteryear must find her voice again and take new courage in the now ...

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