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Hanzi Freinacht, the 'Scandinavian Hegel of our time' is revolutionizing the way we think about ourselves and the world. Theory artist Emil Ejner Friis explains why Freinacht's approach can save lives.

In a sweeping move across history, politics, and developmental psychology, Hanzi Freinacht, the 'Scandinavian Hegel of our time,' works his way through the modern world, leaving in his wake a trail of crushed opponents and shattered, outdated ideas. Full of wit and poetry, in a genre between philosophical nonfiction and literary fiction, Freinacht strides ahead to familiarize his readers with an entirely new view of our times. Without an understanding of developmental psychology, says Freinacht, we will be powerless to shape the future. This is why those who embark with him on this Grand Tour into metamodernity not only gain the chance to change their own lives, but also the course of history for the better. An innovative piece of psychoactive philosophical literature.

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