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A European Project for the integration of children refugees and revitalization of the Ukrainian publishing sector

European publishers are getting involved in the Creative Europe project \"Tales of EUkraine\": Why is this project so important? What are the learnings and best practices that publishers already involved can share with us? And what do they give to other publishers who want to get involved in the project? Answers to these questions will be given and discussed. Representatives of the European Commission will also take a closer look at the possibilities of the EU's \"Creative Europe\" funding programme for the European book industry.


Trade event


Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

EU Project Tales of EUkraine
Free access


Georg Häusler

European Commission

Natasa Asik

Project Adviser

André Störr

Friedrich Mauke publishing house (Germany)

Kateryna Ilchuk

Head of SMM, Vivat publishing house (Ukraine)

Daniela Kollarova

Coordinator of Tales of EUkraine in Slovakia and representative of the publishing house DAJAMA, Slovakian Publishers Association

Enrico Turrin

Deputy Director, Federation of European Publishers