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Tommy Jaud reads and signs the book "Man müsste mal - Nix gemacht und trotzdem happy".

Why does everyone else always do more than you? Does Artificial Intelligence stand a chance against Natural Stupidity? And where the hell has the red tear thread of the prince's scroll gone? You'd have to ... Tommy Jaud confronts the daily \"we should have a go\": He fights for payback points, back muscles, dishwasher aesthetics and mental health. And with the active help of his wife Nina, neighbour Oski and the British shorthaired kittens Fanny and Coucou, he shows that getting bogged down is human, and doing nothing is also nothing.

Cover von Man müsste mal



Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

S. Fischer Verlag GmbH
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© Patrick Runte

Tommy Jaud