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What is the role of women in the Slovenian book industry? A female writer, a female senior rights manager and a female translator discuss in Slovenian. Translation into German will be provided.

More female authors than male authors are brought to Frankfurt by the exciting guest of honour country Slovenia - an important sign. Studies say that in a European comparison, the differences between the sexes in education, on the labour market in general and in terms of income are relatively small in Slovenia. So much for the theory - but what does it actually look like for women in the book industry there?  Under what conditions can they write, translate, publish and sell books? What forms of networking and promotion exist, is the gender pay gap an issue and what limits and obstacles do women encounter in the Slovenian book market, also in terms of reconciling family and career? All these questions and an insight into their everyday professional lives will be discussed with the writer Nataša Kramberger, Senja Požar, Senior Rights Manager at the publishing house Mladinska knjiga Založba d.d., and the freelance translator Alexandra Natalie Zaleznik. The discussion will be moderated by Sabine Rock and interpreted by Dr Zuzana Finger.



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