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There is always something new to discover about the world’s largest content fair. Here is where you can find out more about current fair events and contests, as well as read relevant interviews with interesting people.


  • Valérie Lévy-Soussan


    "The audiobook market combines two forms of artistic creation, the content itself and the reading performance."

    Valérie Levy-Soussan, founder of the French audiobook publishing company Audiolib, about her experiences in the French audio industry and significant market changes, trends and challenges from the early start of the 21st century until today.


  • Marco Cappellini


    "Digitisation and new technologies are fundamental to make art, culture and creativity really accessible to all."

    Marco Cappellini, CEO & Co-Founder of Centrica and its spin-off VirtuItaly, about edutainment and the importance of digital tools to make art, culture and creativity accessible nowadays.

  • Campus Weekend


    "Bridges between different industries will not appear by themselves."

    Why are cross sector cooperations and synergies so relevant in content industries nowadays and what is the role of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

  • Simone Lippold


    creativeSHIFT: Shaping the future of the content industries together

    How will content industries develop in the future? An interview with Simone Lippold, Head of Innovation Development, Börsenverein Group, and strategic lead of creativeSHIFT.

  • Veronika Liebl at AIxMusic Cultural Organizations, POSTCITY


    "The global pandemic has further accelerated the most pressing societal challenges."

    Veronika Liebl, Director of European Cooperation, Ars Electronica, about the challenges and opportunities of hybrid festivals and the influence of new technologies on cultural and societal change.

  • Luc Bourcier


    "We have to learn from other countries, from other sectors."

    Luc Bourcier, CEO, izneo, is partnering with us in the EU project Digital Cross Over. He speaks about current challenges and trends of digital comic book publishing in Europe.

  • IMZ


    "New technologies have not only changed the audiences, but have also offered new channels for our artists."

    When concert halls and opera houses remain closed in times of Covid-19, how can the performing arts reach their audience? We talked to our Digital Cross Over partner IMZ about the challenges and opportunities for Europe's creative and cultural industries.

  • Digital Cross Over Team


    Digital Cross Over: Meet the project team

    Learn more about the partners of the cross-sector EU project Digital Cross Over and current challenges of Europe's cultural and creative industries.

  • Jennifer Goodrich


    Peer-Review in a COVID-19 World- By Jennifer Goodrich

    CCC’s Jennifer Goodrich recently took an in-depth look, in a series of articles, at ways that the pandemic has impacted peer review processes and scholarly publishing.

  • WIPO


    Frankfurter Buchmesse announces partnership with the World Intellectual Property Organization

    Frankfurter Buchmesse and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the UN agency specializing in promoting innovation and creativity, are partnering to ensure that intellectual property issues are respected and promoted in the creative sector and in the international media and entertainment industries.