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Paul Raphael

Paul Raphaël

An immersive entertainment revolutionary, Paul Raphaël combines creative and technologicalinnovation to design ever-evolving forms of storytelling. ​The EMMY​®​Award-winning filmmaker,visual artist, director and studio head is known for his projects’ remarkable sense of presenceand ingenuity. He’s enhanced how viewers consciously and personally connect with anexperience, ​creating incredibly life-like, emotionally authentic worlds through ​the technologies ofVR, AR and MR. ​In a decade-long collaboration with his Felix & Paul Studios co-founder FélixLajeunesse, he designed the camera technologies that brought the duo’s concepts to life.Together they created the first ever cinematic VR experience, ​Strangers​ with Patrick Watson —the project that launched Felix & Paul Studios in 2013. Since then, Paul has co-directed andoverseen the creative direction of the studio’s 21 projects, including the EMMY®Award-winninginteractive feature ​The People’s House​ with former-President Barack Obama, original VRfiction-feature experience ​Miyubi​, and documentary series ​Space Explorers​ in collaboration withNASA.​ He’s brought his expertise to recent co-productions Roger Ross Williams’ Oscar-winningTraveling While Black​, NFB-Clyde Henry Productions’ ​Gymnasia​, and is working with TIME onthe latest filming of ​Space Explorers​ aboard the International Space Station, using Felix & PaulStudios’ specialized cameras. Spurring the evolution of storytelling as an interactive experience,Paul works closely with expanded technical teams and creative partners to lead Felix & PaulStudios into an elevated future of immersive entertainment.