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Innovative subject areas provide new momentum / “Window to the City” turns Hall 1 into public attraction

The largest leading international trade fair for commercial content is changing: The Frankfurter Buchmesse Team is currently developing a new hall layout that will take effect in 2020 (14–18 October 2020). The reorientation goes hand in hand with measures to modernise the fairgrounds. The refurbishment of Hall 6 was completed this year; and Hall 5 will be completely rebuilt, with work starting at the end of this year and completion scheduled for 2023. That means some exhibitors will change locations starting in 2020, offering the potential for profitable new interactions. 

“We are faced with the task of adjusting the placement of our exhibitors at Frankfurter Buchmesse in a way that preserves effective areas of the fair and the business interests of our customers, while at the same time driving new business forward,” says Juergen Boos, explaining the concept. He adds: “It’s important for us to offer our exhibitors, trade visitors and general public an experience that strengthens their relationships with each other. We are working hard to provide all visitor groups with access to Frankfurter Buchmesse offerings by optimising signage, traffic flow, and hall access points.” 

The main changes at a glance: 

2019: New location for Literary Agents & Scouts Centre (LitAg), new subject areas and more space for events 

The renovation of Hall 6 will be completed in time for the start of Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019. This has involved largely gutting the exhibition hall’s more than 35 000 square metres and completely overhauling the ventilation, electrical, heating and cooling systems, along with the sanitation facilities and food service areas. Due to the significant space required for these upgrades, Level 6.3 is being converted into an operations centre and will no longer be available as an exhibition area. 

This means that, as of 2019, the Literary Agents & Scouts Centre (LitAg) will move from its previous location in Hall 6.3 to the Festhalle, a light-filled exhibition space near the “City” entrance. 

In 2018, the Frankfurter Buchmesse successfully debuted two new subject areas: Frankfurt EDU (Halls 3.1 and 4.2) for education-related exhibitors and events, and Frankfurt Kids, the international area for children and young adult media (Foyer Halls 5.1/6.1). These two areas will be further developed in coming years, and two new areas will be added in 2019: Frankfurt Audio (Hall 3.1) and Frankfurt Authors (Hall 3.0). Additional subject areas are planned for 2020. 

In addition to the Agora, Frankfurter Buchmesse is creating another event venue – the Event Area – in the open space between Hall 1 and the Festhalle. During the weekend of Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019, a soccer court in the Event Area will host a match between the German national authors team and their Norwegian challengers. Also at the weekend, a top-flight programme of events will take place on the Open Air Stage. 

2020: All hall levels at a glance 

Hall 1 will offer two levels and give the Frankfurter Buchmesse a new “gateway”. An expansive “Window to the City” will be added to the east side of the hall. The light-filled building is located next to the much-frequented “City” entrance and Hall 3. 

Hall 1.1: German-Language Fiction and Non-Fiction, Art Books, Art, Design, Weltempfang – Centre for Politics, Literature and Translation 

Hall 1.2: German-Language Fiction and Non-Fiction, How-To & Self-Help, Frankfurt Authors 

Festhalle: Literary Agents & Scouts Centre (LitAg), Publishers Rights Corner 

Hall 3.0: German-Language Fiction and Non-Fiction, Children’s and Young Adult Media, Stationery and Gifts, German Wholesale, Distribution, Software Providers 

Hall 3.1: German-Language Fiction and Non-Fiction, Calendars, Education (Frankfurt EDU), Religion, Tourism, Gourmet Gallery, Blaues Sofa (Blue Sofa) 

Forum Level 0: ARD Stage 

Forum Level 1: Guest of Honour Pavilion (Guest of Honour 2020: Canada) 

Hall 4.0: Scandinavia, Netherlands, Belgium (Flanders), Central and Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe, THE ARTS+, B3 – Biennale of the Moving Image, Business Club, Cosplay (at the weekend) 

Hall 4.1: France, Belgium (Wallonia), Canada (Québec), Switzerland (francophone), Italy, Spain, Portugal, Latin America, Turkey, Greece, Central Asia, Africa, Arab World, Frankfurt Kids 

Hall 4.2: STM and Academic Publishing, Business Information, International Library Centre (ILC), Frankfurt EDU 

Hall 6.0: English-Language World, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan 

Hall 6.1: English-Language World, India 

Hall 6.2: English-Language World, China, Hong Kong 

International and subject-oriented service providers will be located near their primary customers and publishing partners. 

More information on the exhibition concept for Frankfurter Buchmesse 2020 is available here: 


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