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Privacy Policy

1 - General information on data protection
Visitors to the Frankfurt Book Fair Internet portal can access a lot of the information provided without registering. On subsequent pages, however, it is often necessary for you to enter company-related or personal data, so that we can offer the desired services or send you the required information. Whenever there is a request for entering personal or company-related data (e.g. name, address, e-mail address) the disclosure of this information is on a voluntary basis.

We are obligated to ensure that the data you have provided is given sufficient protection within our systems in accordance with the applicable laws. We believe you should be able to rely on your data being handled in a responsible and confidential way. Our data-protection concept also incorporates contractors who might need your data to carry out an order to your complete satisfaction. It is not our aim to use or pass on personal data without permission and for purposes other than those stated at the time the data was collected.

During all transactions, where you are logged in as a registered user, we use cookies in order to optimise the communication times and to undertake anonymous statistical analysis of the utilisation of our website. No provision is made for the creation of personal user profiles. If you do not wish cookies to be used, you can prevent this by adjusting your browser settings. In that case the process of user registration and the use of the protected area of the website can not be offered.

Some of our web sites have links to the Internet sites of other companies and organisations. In view of the fact that we have no responsibility for these sites, we recommend that you read the information about data protection at these sites in detail.

If you have any questions or comments on our security concept or if you want your personal data to be blocked or deleted, please contact us by using the following e-mail address:

2 - Information on data protection in connection with orders
When using our online ordering system, we obtain the necessary data from you in order to process your order and to provide the agreed-upon services. Mandatory data fields which are being used to collect required data are always clearly designated (with an asterisk).

By providing us additional optional data, e.g. areas of professional interest, you allow us to offer you numerous advantages. Among other things it enables you to receive special offers from us or our partners which are specially tailored to your areas of interest. This means that you are able to make your own decision as to which data we are to receive about you and your company. To ensure the secure transmission of your data, encrypting systems are used so that the communication between your browser and our order system is illegible for any other participants on the Internet.

3 Public Procedures Directory (pursuant to Article 4 e/g of the German Federal Data Protection Act)
a - Name of office responsible
Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

b - Board of Management
Juergen Boos

c - Address of office responsible:
Braubachstraße 16, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

d - Determining the purpose of collecting, processing or utilising the data
The company's objective is the organisation of the Frankfurt Book Fair, the promotion of the book and publishing industry by organising book fairs and events abroad, the organisation of congresses, conferences, seminars and similar events nationally and internationally, as well as the provision of information on the book and publishing industry in the form of on-line databases. All data collection, processing and utilisation shall take place solely in pursuit of the declared objectives of the company, in particular:

  • to execute the respective business process
  • for the purpose of market and opinion research
  • to enable the event organiser or a service provider commissioned by the organiser to send out event-related offers
  • information purposes before and after the event
  • to advertise by mail
  • to communicate and update our portfolio or exhibitors and to share selected data with individual service providers in fulfilment of a contract

e - Description of the groups of people concerned and the related data or data categories
The following data is collected of the different groups of people, processed and used in pursuit of the objectives mentioned in section d:

Group of people Data
Representatives of exhibiting companies (exhibitors)Representatives of companies visiting trade fairs (trade visitors) Data of the company with addresses, contact names and communication data, branch of business, product data, contractual and accounting data, website access data with login (IP-address)

Representatives of companies visiting trade fairs (trade visitors)

Data of the company with addresses, contact names and communication data, branch of business, product interests, contractual and accounting data, website access data with login (IP-address)
Visitors of fairs or events without trade visitor restriction Name, communication data and accounting data
Contact persons of companies interested in provided services Data of the company with addresses, contact names and communication data, branch of business, product data/product interests
Visa-service users Passport data
Registered journalists Data of the company with addresses, contact names and communication data, branch of business, product data, contractual and accounting data, website access data with login (IP-address)
Representatives of suppliers, service partners and other business partners Data of the company or institution with contact names and communication data, service information, contractual and accounting data


Personal data of employees, applicants and service providers is utilised for the purpose of internal communications, support, administration and invoicing.

f - Recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data can be provided

  • affiliated companies
  • responsible sales and service partners
  • suppliers responsible for processing order data
  • customers - always in order to fulfil the purposes under section d
  • public bodies, only when legally obligated to do so

g - Legal deadlines for the restriction on use or deletion of data:

  • Legal deadlines for the restriction on use or deletion of data Data retention regulations The law requires that certain maximum data retention periods be observed. Data is routinely deleted upon the expiry of these data retention periods. In the event that data is not covered by these periods, it is deleted once the purposes under Item d are no longer applicable. In order to ensure that an objection to the utilisation for advertising purposes of personal data that has been collected can be complied with at all times, it is necessary to continuously maintain the data of those filing an objection in a "restricted list".
  • Right of objection You are entitled at any time to raise objection to the use of your data for advertising. Please direct your objection to or to: Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH, Data Protection Manager, Braubachstraße 16, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany or by phone +49 (0)69 21 02 262.
  • Apart from the mandatory data storage for the purposes of conducting business, you have the right to demand that your data may not be retained for other purposes. Please direct your objection to or to: Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH, Data Protection Manager, Braubachstraße 16, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

h - Transfer of data to countries outside of the EU

In order to fulfil the purposes outlined under section d, it is necessary and contractually determined that data be exchanged between affiliated companies and responsible sales and service partners within Germany, within the EU and across EU boundaries. Data from interested parties, trade visitors and exhibitors is therefore transferred to service partners at the event locations and/or to the sales partner responsible for their country of origin.

4 - Usage of eTracker This website uses etracker technology ( to collect visitor behavior data. This data is collected anonymously to be used for marketing and optimization purposes. All visitor data is saved using an anonymous user ID and can be aggregated to a usage profile. Cookies may be used to collect and save this data, but the data remains strictly anonymous. The data will not be used to identify a visitor personally and are not aggregated with any personal data. The collection and storage of data may be refused at any time with respect to subsequent services.

5 - Use of Facebook Social Plugins
This website uses social plugins (“plugins”) from the social network which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). The plugins are identified by one of the Facebook logos (white “f” on blue tile or a “thumbs-up” sign). The list and the look of the Facebook social plugins can be viewed here: .
If you call up one of our internet website pages which has a plugin of this kind, your browser sets up a direct link to the Facebook servers. The content of the plugin is passed by Facebook direct to your browser and integrated by it into the website. This means that we have no influence over the extent of the data which Facebook obtains with the help of this plugin and we therefore inform you according to our information status:

Through integration of the plugin, Facebook obtains the information that you have called up the relevant page on our internet site. If you are logged on to Facebook, Facebook can allocate the visit to your Facebook account. If you interact with the plugin, by using the "Like-it-Button", for example, or by posting a commentary, the information will be given direct to Facebook by your browser and stored there. If you are not a Facebook member, there is still the possibility for Facebook to find out and store your IP address.

For information on the purpose and extent of data capture and the further processing and use of data by Facebook, as well your rights in this regard and turn-off options for the protection of your personal privacy, please refer to the Facebook data protection information:
If you are a Facebook member and do not want Facebook to collect data about you via our internet website and to link this with your data stored on Facebook, you need to log off from Facebook before going to our website.

Last update: 28 July 2016