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All events (book signings, readings, presentations, etc.) that are to take place on your stand must be pre-reported here by 14 October 2021 - irrespective to the entry in the Calendar of Events.

When registering your event, please enter as realistic an estimate as possible of the number of people expected. This will enable the security service to plan visitor flows in the halls and take appropriate action quickly if necessary.
We will consult with you if we have any concerns about security. We reserve the right to prohibit events.

Stand events that have not been registered with us by 14 October 2021 cannot go ahead.

If you do cancel the event after registration, please inform us by e-mail to

Registration of multiple events via Excel upload

If you would like to register a large number of events at the stand, you can also use the upload option instead of the individual registration in the form above.
To do this, please first download the Excel template that you will find below. You can fill this with the data for your events and upload it here.