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"Absolvo te" – Premiere of the book "Forgiveness – Is it a solution to the conflicts" with Assoc. Prof. Georgi Bardarov

23 October 2022
Live now
Frankfurt Studio

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Presentation of the novel "Аbsolvo te", winner of the European Prize for Literature for 2021.

Тhe book focuses on important historical issues in Europe that are still relevant today: social and ethnic separation, religious and political opposition, the rise of nationalism.

"Аbsolvo te" deals with four plots lines that examine philosophical questions relating to crime, punishment and forgiveness from different points of view. There are two space–time continuums in the novel: the first relates to the Holocaust and the concentration camps, the second to the Arab-Israeli conflict in the 1970s and 1980s. The unifying theme is the internal conviction with which each of the characters defends themselves.

„Could you do the impossible to have just one more second on this earth?”

„Could you forgive what you would not forgive yourself?”

The answer is Absolvo te!