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Advancing diverse open access pathways for humanities & social sciences

19 October 2023
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Frankfurt Studio

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To address the unique challenges faced by researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), we aim to shed light on the various open access pathways available for the HSS community, and contribute to a broader understanding of the evolving landscape of open access in the HSS fields. We also hope to highlight the importance of increased multi-stakeholder collaboration to enable equitable access to knowledge, fostering a diverse, open and inclusive research culture.  

The session seeks to explore the following topic areas:

  • The challenges of open access publishing, as well as the impact it has on the research community, especially on the HSS community.
  • Diverse OA pathways to enhance discoverability, interoperability, and inclusivity in the HSS disciplines. We’ll share insights on different OA models, key findings of a recent report on our Jisc OA partnership, and how a range of approaches collectively supports the OA progress for the HSS community.
  • Other innovative approaches to accelerate the transition to OA and boost research impact. 

To experiment and develop a sustainable OA transition for HSS, it’s essential for different stakeholders to share insights and best practices. We hope the discussion helps highlight the crucial role librarians play in advocating open access and facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration.


  • Ms Carolyn Kirby (Taylor & Francis, Vice President, Europe, Middle East & North Africa)
  • Ms Ellie Souster (Taylor & Francis Group, Head of Transformative Agreement )