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"Amazing People Shaping our World"

22 October 2022
Live now
Frankfurt Pavilion

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We are facing great challenges:

Pandemics, climate change and wars are just some of the crises we all face.
How do we remain hopeful? What can we learn from each other worldwide?
What are the best, glittering ideas in literature, art and politics? For this conversation, we invite inspiring people who are shaping the world of today and tomorrow: internationally renowned authors, activists, TikTokers and rising stars.

Ann Mbuti's book "Black Artists Now" brings together over 15 impressive Black artists from around the world who are bringing a new "spirit" to the still predominantly white and male-dominated art world. Now, finally, the focus is increasingly on them, now, finally, a gap in art history is closing. We bring Mbuti together with Teresa Bücker, whose book "Alle Zeit" (All the Time) will be published on 19 October and deals with the equitable distribution of time and social justice. Tupoka Ogette and Zai Sylla bring their perspective on anti-racist education. How do we change our view of the world through the telling of Black stories and history? How do we break through racist thought patterns and discriminatory social structures?

Please note that you will need a separate ticket to access the event. You can buy tickets here.

Amazing Peolpe Shaping Our World Teaser