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Amelie Benn reads "Zwei wie Glitzer und Einhornstaub"

20 October 2022
Live now
Struwwelpetermuseum, Hinter den Lämmchen 2-4, 60311 Frankfurt

An enchanting story about friendship, fantastic creatures and unicorn magic.

9-year-old Merle can hardly believe her luck when Luhna moves into the neighbor's house, because she has wanted a best friend for a long time. But what Merle doesn't suspect is that Luhna is not only totally cool, cheeky and loves cotton candy - she also has a big secret! Every full moon, she turns into a unicorn and helps magical creatures who are in trouble. Of course, from now on, Merle is on every adventure. But when Luhna gets into great danger, it's up to Merle alone to save her. Because one thing is clear: best friends stick together like glitter and unicorn dust!