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The Art of Dissapearing: Talk with Melanie Raabe about her new book.

21 October 2022
Live now
Moxy, Hanauer Landstraße 162, 60314 Frankfurt

Is there such a thing as finding your soulmate at first sight? Why is it sometimes easier to talk to strangers, than to people you’ve known and loved for a long time? One night just after Christmas, young photographer Nico bumps into the actor Ellen Kirsch in Berlin’s snowy streets. Almost immediately, Nico senses that there’s an inexplicable bond between them. But what could they possibly have in common – a world-famous Hollywood star, and this young photographer, hungry for acclaim? What does Ellen see in her that she doesn’t see herself? Most of all, though: why does Nico care when Ellen one day simply disappears again, as suddenly as she arrived? When Nico finally discovers why she can’t let go of her, she goes in search of Ellen, her own mother, and the truth about her life.