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Best European Learning Materials Awards - BELMA 2023 Preisverleihung

18 October 2023
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Frankfurt Studio

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The BELMA (Best European Learning Materials Award) is given every year to outstanding educational materials from all over Europe. 

The products (online, printed or blended) are entered into the competition in four categories according to school types and age group of learners. Details can be found on the BELMA website. An international jury of eight experts from curriculum development, teaching, teacher training and publishing assesses each submitted entry and writes a thorough evaluation for each. 

The event was organised by the EEPG (European educational Publishers group) in co-operation with Frankfurter Buchmesse and IARTEM.


The ceremony was hosted by Helga Holtkamp, director of the EEPG, Jean-Claude Lasnier, chairperson of the BELMA jury and Professor Christoph Bläsi from the Gutenberg Institute for Book Studies.


  • Felix Weiß (to teach, CEO)
  • Kelli Fairbrother (xigxag)
  • Lars Leipson (LIT-X , CEO)
  • Vanessa Theel (SUMM AI, Founder)