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Bestselling author Veit Lindau presents the essence of his work

23 October 2022
Live now
Frankfurt Studio

In conversation, Veit Lindau reveals the secrets of a fulfilled life and presents his book "Silent Soul, Wild Heart": A wake-up call to all who want to live fully.

Veit Lindau is one of the best-known teachers of consciousness in the German-speaking world and is the founder of the currently most successful community for personality development, homodea. "Still Soul, Wild Heart" is a declaration of love to the preciousness of every human life and at the same time the concentrate of thirty years of search for meaning. Twelve down-to-earth visionary essences of wisdom invite readers to step off the inner brake, to affirm their light and to existentially engage in their life's journey. Veit Lindau's personal power mantras provide guidance for introspection, help uncover hidden dissatisfactions, expose mediocre compromises, and realize new dreams and ideas. In conversation, Veit Lindau presents his book and motivates to pause and reflect on the wealth that already exists.