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Books of my life

19 October 2022
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Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Adickesallee 1, 60322 Frankfurt am Main

Volker Weidermann spricht mit Mithu Sanyal und Florian Illies über die Bücher ihres Lebens.

Mithu Sanyal describes how the first reading of the novel "Wuthering Heights" became a life-shaping, life-changing force for her. Florian Illies tells of his passionate and changeable relationship with Gottfried Benn, disappointed by his political confusions and at the same time always captivated by the sound of Benn's verses. According to editor Volker Weidermann, this new book series is "about enthusiasm, about the life-changing power of books, and about which novels have made outstanding authors the people they are. To what love, to what sport, to what political conviction, to what writing style, to what lifestyle reading has led them."

An event by Kiepenheuer & Witsch and the German National Library as part of BOOKFEST.