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Christian Duda: "Tree Sleeper". Reading and Talk with Stephanie von Selchow.

22 October 2022
Live now
Struwwelpeter Museum, Hinter dem Lämmchen 2-4, 60311 Frankfurt

When the world disappears

January 24th becomes a turning point in Marius’s life. Covered in blood, he storms into the Konstadidis insurance agency and collapses. “Must help mom!” On this day, Marius begins his free fall, through all the meshes of the social network. He lives on the street, builds a home out of cardboard boxes between garbage cans, experiences helpfulness and angry kicks. Until a crystal clear winter night covers him like a warm blanket.

The novel is based on a true story, fictionally told by Duda. An intense novel which resonsates for a long time.