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Come with me on a walk to yourself! Conversation with Biyon Kattilathu

22 October 2022
Live now
Frankfurt Studio

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Bestselling author and social media star Biyon Kattilathu invites you on a magical journey to greater mindfulness, self-love and happiness.

"Come with me on a walk like you've never experienced before! I will be by your side. Together with you, laugh, be silent, and maybe shed a tear or two of happiness." But bestselling author Biyon Kattilathu doesn't invite us to take a normal walk. As we walk through nature, we learn to come to terms with the past and courageously go our own way. In "Walk to You" we meet even our inner child, open the gift of the present and make a journey to more mindfulness and self-love. At the end of the path, we arrive not at a place, but at a person ... and that person is us. In conversation, Biyon Kattilathu introduces his new book and shares about his own path to himself.