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Democracy and Controversy in the USA – Model or Warning for Germany?

22 October 2022
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Frankfurt Studio

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The lively culture of debate in the U.S. as a model for public discourse in Germany.

Without controversy, democracy is just an empty shell. When conducted controversially, public debate is particularly constructive. At the same time, however, everyone must abide by agreed rules, no matter where they find themselves on the democratic spectrum. But how do we find the right balance? How do we fill democracy with life, content, and visions? These are the current questions, now that Germany has prescribed itself a "Zeitenwende" and the democracies of the West must reassure themselves of their values anew. Tobias Endler shows why the public discourse in the USA is currently developing a tremendous dynamic and can therefore offer possible answers. And why this is an inspiration for us, but also a warning about what happens when democratic debate gets out of hand.