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"The end of capitalism" or "The future used to also be better" - taz talk

22 October 2022
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Frankfurt Pavilion

The climate crisis is worsening every day, but in concrete terms hardly anything is changing. The growth of greenhouse gases is unrestrained and takes on a dramatic scale. This is no coincidence, because capitalism is only stable as long as it grows.
Unfortunately, green energy from the sun and wind will never be enough to fuel global growth. The industrialized countries must therefore say goodbye to capitalism and strive for a circular economy. Only what can be recycled is to be consumed.
But how should we envision this green shrinking process? The best model is, of all things, the British wartime economy from 1939 onwards - says Ulrike Herrmann. Jürgen Becker has a solution in which pizza plays a central role.

An event organized by the daily newspaper taz. For more information, click here(opens in a new window).