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"Escape Room - The Hotel of a Thousand Eyes" - bestselling author Eva Eich invites you to an interactive Escape Room adventure

22 October 2022
Live now
Gallus Theater Frankfurt, Adlerwerke, Kleyerstraße 15, 60326 Frankfurt

This interactive reading will put your grey cells to the test - join Eva Eich and solve a selection of exciting puzzles from her new Escape Room book "Das Hotel der tausend Augen".

An abandoned hotel in the mountains. Ten million euros for the winner. And a game of life and death. The new Christmas show "Hotel Extreme" promises real thrills: Seven participants are watched by cameras around the clock for 24 days. They have no contact with the outside world, and food can only be obtained by solving puzzles. But soon the first contestant lies dead under the Christmas tree and it soon becomes clear how high the stakes really are. Who will give up and forgo the ten million and who is prepared to risk their life? Is the murder really part of the show or has an unknown person long since taken the helm who is pursuing a completely different plan?

Only those who solve all the riddles can escape the gloomy hotel and unravel the mystery of the Christmas show. 24 riddles - 24 doors - and only one way out! The new Advent thriller for all adventurers, super brains and fans of Escape Rooms.