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Everyday stories around Europe - a Creative Europe project; Barbara Fiore Editora Memorial Award

20 October 2022
Live now
Frankfurter Buchmesse, Conference Room Alliance

Discussion about the difficult task of promoting books that are not so commercial because they deal with complex but equally necessary issues.

The talk will be on inclusion of people that are suffering because of different 'deseases' or problems like violence in adolescence, eating disorders, loneliness in rural areas and the outskirts of big cities, etc.

The speakers will also discuss the work of illustrating, writing and translating stories that not only entertain but also leave an ethical and social legacy.


  • Tullio Forgiarini (Writer, European Union Prize for Literatur Prize, Luxembourg)
  • Mercedes Regina López Muñoz (Translator, Spain)
  • Maria Serna (translator, Spain)



  • Elisabeth Pérez (Irúdika!, Spain)