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Ex. 20 years, 10 men and everything that can go wrong

20 October 2022
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East Grape, Louis-Appia-Passage 12, 60314 Frankfurt

Katja Lewina on communication mistakes, own deficits, fears, taboos and other reasons that put a stop to love

At 16, Johnny was the one: a mohawk, a butt in the corner of his mouth and a taste in music like a young god. With him, Katja learned to operate a record player and a penis. Of course she ran away with him, but two years later it was over. After 20 years of silence, Katja and Johnny see each other again and talk about the past. In the meantime, Katja has a family, but still suffers from lovesickness again. With almost every relationship she believed anew: this is it, the great love - until it broke up.
For her new book "Ex", Katja Lewina met the ten most important men in her life, dug through old memories with them and discovered psychological patterns that have a lot to do with herself, but also with our society. In this way, she sheds light on ending and newly emerging love in times of patriarchy and seemingly unlimited choices and provides answers to the question of what can go wrong in love.