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The fantastic flying lost and found - live show with pictures and music for children from 6 years old.

23 October 2022
Live now
Struwwelpetermuseum, Hinter den Lämmchen 2-4, 60311 Frankfurt

Andreas Hüging and Angelika Niestrath present their new children's book and have lots of fun and music along the way.

Mr. Elmer's lost-and-found office has a special department for particularly tricky cases, where his granddaughter Alex searches for lost valuables - with the help of a crazy crystal ball and a flying bed with a rocket engine. When Anton loses his dog Fluser and asks Mr. Elmer for help, Anton himself turns out to be an ingenious lost-and-found bureaucrat. That's why one night the rocket bed shows up outside his window. Alex needs his help! She has a particularly tricky case to solve: The owner of the ghost train at the fairground has lost all his ghosts!