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Focus Ukraine „We are the price“

22 October 2022
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Frankfurt Pavilion

Conversation about origins of war violence and destruction of cultural assets.
"We are the price", this is how artist Nikita Kadan described the perception of the war. The price of freedom is paid by Ukrainians, who have become the target because they live in a country that has chosen a democratic path. Many cultural workers have left their real vocation behind, they support the Ukrainian resistance or go to the front. In these times not only people die, but also landscapes, cities and villages are destroyed to such an extent that they are partly uninhabitable. Museums, schools and houses of culture are destroyed, it is an annihilation of urban spaces, an " Urbizid " (Karl Schlögel). Serhij Zhadan, Karl Schlögel and Mykola Ryabchuk talk about the origins of the violence and the omnipresent destruction.