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Helena Janezcek - "Die Schwalben von Montecassino"

21 October 2022
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Dt.-It. Vereinigung, Arndtstraße 12, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

The author in conversation with Lothar Müller about her recently translated novel.
Montecassino, 1944. The Allies are trying to break through German lines: they are American and British troops, but there are also Gurkha, North Africans, Maori, Polish and Jewish soldiers. And between the fronts are the civilians. Who are those who, while on the side of the victors, meet the fate of the defeated? Janeczek answers with different stories that spring from her imagination and the tracing of very personal memories. What binds us to the past is the essence of our truest relationships: Those we have loved are with us forever.

An event presented by the Italian Cultural Institutes in Berlin and Cologne.