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Italy in the 14th century. A small village. An epochal discovery. A great love.

20 October 2022
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Dt.-It. Vereinigung, Arndtstraße 12, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

The Italian Spiegel bestselling author Luca di Fulvio presents his new historical novel DAS VERBORGENE PARADIES in conversation with Paola Barbon. Actor and Italy expert Heio von Stetten reads the German text. 

In Luca Di Fulvio's sixth novel, two young people meet in the Alpine village of San Michele in 1633. The Inquisition is in power. Everything that does not conform to its norms is mercilessly persecuted. And it is in this place that the fates of Daniele, who was born with a very special gift, and Susanna, who is born under dramatic circumstances, come together. The world is on the brink of upheaval when the scientist Galileo Galilei proves that it is not the earth that is the centre of the universe, but the sun. Against this background, Susanna and Daniele have to fulfil an unusual mission. But are the people around them ready for a new time? And is the time ready for love across borders?