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Jay Kristoff - A tale of blood and darkness

22 October 2022
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Walden, Kleiner Hirschgraben 7, 60311 Frankfurt

The "Name of the Wind" meets "Interview with a Vampire" - "The Realm of the Vampires" is the opening volume of the new, epic fantasy series by Nevernight author Jay Kristoff. Immediately after its release, "The Realm of the Vampires" was on the New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller lists.

The sun set 27 years ago - and since then the armies of vampires have been on the rise. Piece by piece, they have expanded their eternal realm and taken the ground from humans, until only in a few places a carefree life is possible. Small islands of light in a sea of eternal darkness.

When young Gabriel de León is forced to leave his home village, his path leads him to San Michon, to the Order of the Silver Guardians, a holy brotherhood that defends the kingdom and the church against the onslaught of the beasts. And he does not yet suspect that he will become the greatest legend of the order - and the last hope of a dying world.