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Jürgen Hosemanns »Papierkorb«

19 October 2022
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Hotel Lindenberg, Lindleystraße 17, 60314 Frankfurt am Main

How far is it from Paul Valéry to Karl Valentin? Listen: "Now solve cool letter puzzles regularly at Hosemanns Papierkorb and win 1 beach mat. Today: Which word has one A, two E, one I, four L and two P?" - "'Pillepalle' @Julia: The beach mat is in the wastebasket." - "I heard a lot of good things about my first reading afterward ('I loved that he paid for the red wine himself,' 'Wonderfully familiar,' 'Speaks more clearly than before')." - "Corona time taught me to clean up Marie Kondo and Hideko Yamashita.

With books, always roll the paperbacks and fold the hardcovers before throwing them away." - "Read this book or I'll read it!"