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"Karlchen" - A childhood adventure by and with Lisa-Marie Dickreiter and Andreas Götz for the whole family.

23 October 2022
Live now
Frankfurt Pavilion

With „Karlchen Helps Everyone, Whether They Want Her to or Not“ and Lisa-Marie Dickreiter and Andreas Götz it’ll never be boring: The best efforts to help others are sometimes misunderstood as a mean prank, which is followed by sorting-all-black-socks punishment… But Karlchen doesn’t let herself get discouraged by that: things get especially adventureous when Pippa and Alban from Berlin are coming to the farm on holiday.

Having been friends since childhood and growing up on a farm, the author-duo tells stories about growing up in the countryside and the best fun inbetween pot-bellied pigs, donkeys, sheep, roosters, and co.