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Less words, more data: Data insights into the booming audiobook market

18 October 2023
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Frankfurt Studio

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The audiobook market has been booming in many different countries during the last decade. In 2016 BookBeat launched in Sweden, and has after that expanded to Germany and 12 other European markets. So far, almost 100 million books have been listened to and read in BookBeat. Since our journey is just getting started, we want to share all of the insights we gathered and what we have learned so far with publishers so you can continue to create more books that audiobook listeners love. At this session, you will learn who the audiobook listeners are, when and how they listen, and what books they cannot get enough of based on data from the Nordics and German markets. Key data that will inspire you and support the development of your digital publishing.


  • Kathrin Rüstig (BookBeat GmbH, Managing Director)
  • Niclas Sandin (BookBeat AB, CEO)