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Literary Conversation: "Life in the Sign of the Precariat - Portrait of the Young Generation in Spain".

19 October 2022
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IG Metall Vorstand | Main Forum, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 79, 60329 Frankfurt

IG Metall, based in Frankfurt am Main, is Germany's largest individual trade union. More than 190,000 of its members are under 27 - a reason to find out more about the living situation of the young generation in Spain from the mouths and books of three Spanish writers. José Ovejero and Isaac Rosa have received numerous awards for their novels. José Ovejero's novel Aufstand (Edition Nautilus 2022) is about a seventeen-year-old from a sheltered home who joins the squatters. In the dark room (Liebeskind 2022) Isaac Rosa draws the portrait of a generation for which the promise of prosperity did not materialize. Rosa Ribas is a Spanish crime writer who lived in Frankfurt for a long time and who, among other things, created the German-Spanish commissioner Cornelia Weber-Tejedor.