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Live Event with Ute Krause and The Muscleteers

22 October 2022
Live now
Raum Spektrum

Reading for kids aged 5+

It’s a crazy time on Dyke Street! One night, Picandou finds an orphaned egg and takes it home – and the Muscleteers’ lives are instantly turned upside down. The needy and constantly hungry chick that comes out of the egg creates a whole lot of chaos. Meanwhile, Mrs Merry’s delicatessen is being totally renovated, and there are all manner of mishaps, from power cuts to a flooded basement. Does Mrs Merry’s new landlord secretly want her out of the shop? The four friends decide to help save her home, and Picandou’s foster chick unexpectedly proves to be a true hero...

Ute Krause’s bestselling series is wonderfully warm-hearted, opulently illustrated, and perfect for kids aged 5+. The brave Muscleteers are all about friendship, empathy and helping others – all important subjects for little heroes...