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Once More Unto Death. The new novel Oliver Bottini.

22 October 2022
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Walden, Kleiner Hirschgraben 7, 60311 Frankfurt

Based on the true case about the spy and the BND source 'Curveball'.

February 2003. After the New York attacks, the war on terror is about to reach its first climax: the USA and its allies are preparing to invade Iraq. BND agent Frank Jaromin has just returned from a mission in Bosnia and actually wants to take care of his quarrelling family. Then he receives a highly explosive order from the Chancellor's Office: An Iraqi opponent of the regime claims that the accusations legitimising the war are fabricated, that there are demonstrably no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. "Curveball" - the informant on whose testimony the accusations are based - is lying. The BND therefore sends Frank Jaromin and two colleagues on a secret mission to Baghdad to secure the dissident's evidence and prevent the war at the last moment. But this is not in the interest of a group of influential political players - quite the opposite. And soon Frank Jaromin is fighting for his life ...

With his new novel, Oliver Bottini succeeds in creating a masterpiece of the spy thriller - politically explosive and absolutely gripping.