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Postcolonial translation

22 October 2022
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International Translation Centre (Hall 4.0 G101)

On the negotiation of cultural power relations in language and literature


- Claudia Hamm (translator)

- Maria Hummitzsch (translator)

- Michael Kegler (translator)

Moderation: Karin Betz

What does postcolonial translation mean? Questions about the postcolonial relevance of translation begin with the decision as to what is translated and what reading expectations are associated with it. Translating literature always means translating culture, it means cultural communication. Does it also mean a negotiation of linguistic power relations? Involuntarily and arbitrarily, decisions are made in translation as to whether and how culturally alien terms of the source language should migrate into the target language. And how does one translate multilingualism? These and other questions will be discussed by three translators from five source languages.

In cooperation with Weltlesebühne e.V.

With: Karin Betz (moderator), translator from the Chinese; Claudia Hamm, translator from French; Maria Hummitzsch, translator from
Hummitzsch, translator from English and Portuguese and
Michael Kegler, translator from Portuguese.