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Publishers Challenges: licensing and managing Patient Questionnaires released in medical literature

19 October 2023
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Frankfurt Studio

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The speakers will present the challenges associated with the licensing and management of Patient Questionnaires used in clinical research. They will detail the regulatory prerequisites for use and how Mapi Research Trust can help publishers in this field.

Mapi Research Trust (MRT) is the largest curator of Patient Questionnaires, known as Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs), worldwide. They manage over 700 exclusive COAs on behalf of their copyright holders. MRT is focused on ensuring the scientific integrity of COAs through consistent and reliable content and providing appropriate context for researchers to use in global clinical trial use.

As licensors of COAs, publishers are accountable for providing reliable information about COAs to the users/licensees. The aim of this presentation is to go through the regulatory prerequisites for using these COAs in clinical trials, to assure the integrity of these and the accuracy of the results they gather. These prerequisites are a challenge to both users and publishers. MRT will present how this can be alleviated and how they can support publishers in this field.