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Reading and Book Signing with Dagmar Bach

21 October 2022
Live now
Struwwelpetermuseum, Hinter den Lämmchen 2-4, 60311 Frankfurt

Dagmar Bach reads from her new book "Zimt - Auf den ersten Sprung verliebt" and is in conversation with her editor Eva Kutter. Followed by a book signing.

Vicky's life is turned upside down from one moment to the next. She and her boyfriend Konstantin have the unique gift of being able to switch to parallel worlds. Their first priority is to remain inconspicuous! But how can they do that when their doppelgangers are caught secretly making out? Or parallel-world grandma almost burns down the kitchen of Mom's bed & breakfast? While Vicky and Konstantin are still trying to get a grip on the magical chaos, it becomes dangerous for their love. Because someone sets a nasty trap for them, and soon their excursions into the parallel world are anything but bedtime stories ...

Cinnamon bun scent, parallel worlds and an exciting hunt - a new adventure begins for Vicky and Konstantin, the sweetest couple in the history of young adult books!