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On The Road To Frankfurt: Community As The Key To Success

31 August 2023
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The Hof

The Hof is back! In the run-up to #fbm23, our popular international gathering will take place in the form of several sessions with renowned interview guests on various publishing topics.

On 31 August 2023, meet Simon de Jocas, co-founder of the Facebook group "Publishers without borders", and Niki Théron and Juergen Boos from Frankfurter Buchmesse. 

Community has been the core of Frankfurter Buchmesse since its beginnings. Today, with new communities created digital-first over the past couple of years – among them our own at The Hof – we invite leaders to discuss

  • why community is the future for many industries and organisations
  • how Publishers Without Borders, a digital-first community, was build from scratch
  • what the best communities are to be a part of when attending #fbm23 this year


About The Hof:

Led by award-winning journalist Felix Zeltner, you can talk to international industry leaders about the latest trends and challenges in the industry and contribute your questions and comments. To network further, meet in our newly designed open breakout rooms at The Hof. You can now stay longer, change rooms and decide for yourself whether you want to meet colleagues from Frankfurt or dive deeper into the topic of the evening!